Vae Victis News Agency Dispatches


(Gentle Reader~ these Dispatches from the Vae Victis News Agency are focused on the world presented in the Rise of Æster game. We hope that you find them Entertaining and a possible source of ideas for any steampunk game. The Eds.)

"The Deepening Mystery of Mathilda Rhiannon"
- Jerry Boswell for the Vae Victis News Agency

Undoubtedly you've been following Previous Reports about the terrible crash of the Aeroharvester Mathilda Rhiannon.

Since the Horrific Crash of this ship into the Easton Dock Structure early last Friday morning my Confidential Informants have been tickling my ear with intriguing tidbits related to this tragedy.

Most notable to your Faithful Reporter is that when the Mathilda tore into slips 59 and 60 collateral explosions also destroyed bays 54 and 49. What makes all of this so very, very striking is that no other ships were docked in any of those slips! Even at so very early an hour as just after 4 in the morning where were all the other ships one would expect at so busy a facility as the Easton Dock Structure? Strange indeed, but it gets stranger still.

As I've previously reported not only was there the strikingly fast appearance of members of the Royal Navy and Marines who cordoned off huge amounts of the Easton Structure but no-one saw any victims being removed from this extensive crash site! Even now none of the local hospitals or medical garrets have reported any patients with injuries that would correspond to this calamity.
One must wonder? Where have they gone?

While most are content to accept the theory that all injured are being treated in military facilities the oddest rumors are surfacing that not only were there a large number of bays empty so were all the attendant warehouses and workshops that burned in the Inferno that resulted from the wreck! What's being said is that employees who usually worked at those locations had been scheduled at other sites that day, some employees were even given a surprise paid holiday! A Remarkable Occurrence indeed!

Its as if people disappeared before and after the crash!

While this reporter takes his hat off to the brave men and women of the Frigate Kenlorry, who helped contain the fire, I am forced to wonder why the investigation of this saddening and sobering situation was so quickly and completely handed over by the Port Authority to the Admiralty?

Rest assured Trusted Friends and Readers, I will continue my investigations regardless to any danger to my personal well-being.