VAE ...In The Age of Chivalry




his month we follow a flight of fancy...

...and end up in the court of King Arthur.





These story elements/Oracles were created with intention being used in creating adventures for "King Arthur: Pendragon". To give the Oracles a test drive we've used them a few times in a modified version of "In a Wicked Age", this worked so well we've played it a few more times!

These story elements could be used for as a quick staring point for a wide variety of fantasy games, though the emphasis is on tales of Chivalry. (If you're unfamiliar with the complex, often brutal, frequently strange tales that make up the Arthurian Legends a quick internet search reveals dozens of sites to help inform you, This one is as good as any.




1- A Squire proudly bearing a Standard.
2- A Coster-Monger entering a Town.
3- A Lovelorn Man keeps a lonely vigil in the Woods.
4- A Mercenary Knight, hungry and lean.
5- A Champion riding to Tournament.
6- A Quiet Meeting with Savage Warriors.
7- Trial by Combat.
8- A Boggart, to be vanquished.
9- A Lancer's Horse loses a shoe.
10- A Gaulish Knight and his Page presenting a Gift.
11- An Arms-man, fresh from a fight.
12- A Decadent Knight joins the hunt.
13- A Mighty Charger and its Diminutive Rider.
14- Two Men-at-Arms brandishing Spears.
15- A Joust hosted by King and Queen.
16- A Knight returning form Tournament.
17- A Noblewoman presented at Court.
18- A Handsome Woman acting as a Man.
19- A Witch wearing a Scandalous gown.
20- A Sword presented in an Ancient Glade.
21- A Weathered Stone Circle, at dusk, watched by its last Caretaker.
22- Two Quarries: a hind and a Poacher.
23- A Magician consulting his Texts and Scrolls.
24- The Ogre and his Reward.
25- A Melancholy Knight finds respite and Companions.
26- A Lady of Note and her coterie out Falconing.
27- An Escort for a Saint's Relics.
28- A Robust Monk, perhaps too eager to help.
29- A Knight dreams of the Grail.
30- The Castellan returns home, burdened by a Secret.
31- A Late Feast in the Great Hall.
32- Merchants on the road to a Faire.
33- The Lord of the Manor reviews his Lands.
34- Strange Creatures rising from the Water.
35- The Third Charge of a a Battle.
36- The Sorceress sees Visions in smoke.
37- A Wandering Mystic and Minstrel.
38- An Earl bestows a Knighthood.
39- Grim Riders under a Full Moon.
40- Adversaries meet at a Ford.
41- An Odd Beast spotted in a Graveyard.
42- A crafty, yet blood-thirsty, Highwayman.
43- A Troubled Boy caring for several Mounts.
44- A Fight to the Death.
45- A Mischievous Faerie arrives early.
46- An Epic Story sung by a Bard.


47- A Veteran on guard at a Border Stockade.
48- A Wildman demands Satisfaction.
49- A Morning assignation at a Lake House.
50- The Aging Lord reviews his Sons.
51- An Eldest Daughter advises her Father.
52- A Wealthy Knight plans for War.
53- Two women, playing at games and planing a marriage.
54- A Follower of the Old Ways reads an Oracle.
55- A Cattle Raid from the Faerie Court.
56- A Race decides a Matter of Honor.
57- An Executioner, master of Beheading.
58- A Mother berates her Son.
59- A Duel for Love.
60- A Lone Sentinel with a fire on a Hilltop.
61- A Wanderer at the Fortress Wall.
62- Wagons push on through a Storm.
63- A Hermit Haunting a Ruined Castle.
64- A Knight issues a Challenge.
65- The Wyrm awakens.
66- A Clark tallies his Lord's Fortune.
67- Court Entertainers strike the wrong Chord.
68- A Spectre at the Crossroads.
69- A Knight Struggles to hide his Madness.
70- A Woman prepares for her Day and recites the name of her True Love.
71- A Disgraced Knight faces his Peers.
72- The Hound-Master reviews a litter in a Small Town.
73- A Woman, Sharp of Eye, Keen of Mind, Quick of Blade.
74- A Gallant Count, kindly to Animals.
75- A Knight chased by Phantoms.
76- A Knight poor in wealth, rich in Faith.
77- A Maiden, reclining under a Yew.
78- A Demon stalks a distant Estate.
79- The Matron sleeps poorly, Dreaming of Lost Love.
80- The Lady of the House makes a Forward Move.
81- A Knight, favouring Mace over Sword, demonstrates why.
82- Beggars, seeking alms, get More than they bargained for.
83- A servant Girl for the Wizard's Wife.
84- A Kiss, stolen in a Garden.
85- A Maid, adorned with flowers, dances at a Festival.
86- Old Comrades tell stories around the Hearth.
87- The Castle Wall is breached!
88- The Entourage prepares for the Joust.
89- A Duchess choses her Champion.
90- A Well-Bearded Knight swears a Vow.
91- A Wife bars the entry to a Sanctum.
92- The Tapestry Weaver's tale.
93- A Royal Herald brings a message from the King.
94- The Procession to a Tomb.
95- An Enchantress grants a Boon.
96- Gossiping Ladies, late for a Fete.
97- A King, far into his Cups.
98- A Chirurgeon seeking a Fabled Well.
99- Death at a Banquet.
100- A Sword, a Stone.




As an added diversion I've compiled notes from our first Tale and present them here as a collection of biographical entries. I found this very satisfying and will present more in the future.