The World of Daniel Davis' Monster Commute

I'm sure after reading our interview with Daniel Davis you're dying to know more about Monster Commute.

We'll we're pleased to present a gallery of the characters from this great comic (courtesy of Daniel and Dawna Davis, of course!)

This is the primary Cast of our Monster Commute tale. While rarely “heroic,” these broken folks have lived lives of interest.\

Chadworth Machine

hadworth “Machine” is a man-bot from the “distant past” who spends most of his days sitting behind the wheel of his beat up old van, the “Steam Crow“. (Beastio’s grandma co-signed on the auto loan.)

Machine enjoys tea, silence, science, and smashing other cars on the M-85. He has some sort of career, though he really doesn’t like to talk much about it. He is currently undead, and made up of 85% legal parts.

Chadworth Interview
Chadworth on Twitter


Beastio Agyris Wand

Beastio is a little monster who enjoys living life to it’s fullest. He also enjoys eating any food that comes on a stick. He enjoys playing the bongos, playing with fire, and occasionally playing dead. He enjoys long walks in the park, and one day he may have a legal drivers license. Beastio is currently single, and most likely completely unaware of the differences between boys and girls.

Beastio Interview


Steam “Kip” Cupwhistle

AKA: Marrow Thatch, Kip Cupwhistle, #8, Pumpkintop
Race: Halloween Golem
Age: Unknown

Kip was picked up hitchhiking just off of the M-77 Freeway, after going reportedly “going on an acetone binge and stabbing some CrowBots.” Like Beastio and Chadworth, he is an enemy of the AUTHORITY state. He enjoys striped gum and root beer.

Kip’s first appearance
Kip in Monstru News


The Steam Crow

Built upon the chassis of a discarded 3E39 Carnavon Casket utility van, the Steam Crow spent decades as a delivery vehicle for the now defunct “Sweet Raven Confection Company”. She has also been used to haul pencil shavings, office furniture, and corpses, before falling into the metal hands of Chadworth Machine.

Though she sports the now rare Tinderflaust Furnace System (TFS), the Steam Crow barely manages to make the posted speed limits before wheezing into fits of caustic smoke. The TFS is serviced by a pair of fairly average furnace goblins.


Names: Horst and Grist

Race: Furnace Goblins, rank 1 and 3
Age: 9 and 11

Horst and Grist are the furnace goblins that labor in the depths of the Steam Crow shoveling coal and keeping the boiler fed.

First mention and appearance
Return adventure

Rival Cast

MONSTRU is a land that had it’s share of bad folks. Are they truly villains? Nah. These guys can all justify their means. However, to our heroes, these guys are the pits.

Toni Poisono Oni

Race: Wealth Demon
Age: Ageless

Toni Oni is the owner of the uber-successful ONI ONI Mart chain, selling coal, Muzz, and antique beef tacos to wayward travelers. He also has a palatable hatred of the Steam Crow and especially Beastio and Chadworth Machine. He has been divorced 93 times, and is a proud AUTHORITY informant. (He has earned 599 Spy Scout merit badges to date.) Toni is currently single, but is activly dating.

First appearance


Inquisinator Tratz

Race: Inquisinator Model CrowBot, Mark 8
Age: 176

Inquisinator Tratz is a middle-management administrator for the Ministry of Celebration, for the AUTHORITY. Currently, he is responsible for the abduction of 3300 State enemies, including Chadworth, Beastio, and Kip. He likes tea, fresh apples, and the finest sewing machine oil.

First appearance of Inquisinator Tratz


CrowBot Protectorate

CrowBots are huge, mechanical soldiers, provided by the AUTHORITY, for the defense and protection of the MONSTU peoples. They are honorable officers; unfailing and unsleeping.

CrowBots are constructed with a powerful ironite carapace exoskeleton, impervious to darts, arrows, stones, and lions. They have a number of classified armaments to defeat the CREATU hordes. New weapons and tools are constantly being developed by the geniuses at the Department of Thought.

While CrowBots cannot fly, they do travel above the lands of MONSTRU on zeppelin air tanks. These tanks are filled with super-compressed Flexion gasses, providing ample lift.

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Monster Commute, images and text are copyright Daniel & Dawna Davis