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This month Victorian Adventure Enthusiast is thrilled to present "London Fires" a free adventure for Fellowship of the White Star written by Victor Long.

For the uninitiated Fellowship of the White Star is a d20 game of Edwardian era heroes battling secret, sinister forces.
As their website explains: "Envision western cowboy heroes battling zombies in mines, archaeologist heroes investigating tombs in Egypt, British soldier heroes weeding out voodoo cults in Jamaica, Arctic explorer and Eskimo guide heroes seeking the Yeti, City detective heroes investigating strange crimes..."

... so investigate and enjoy!

PS: Make sure you take time to browse the Fellowship of the White Star website thoroughly. There is plenty of interesting items to be found, including a brief Gazetteer and a number of pdf downloads (such as nine pregenerated characters).


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Fellowship of the White Star Adventure Download:

"London Fires"

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