VAE Interview

#This month Victorian Adventure Enthusiast is proud to present our first audio-recorded interview.
We chat with lauded game designer Joe McDonald about his dystopian steampunk game "Perfect, Unrevised".


VAE Game Review

"Adventures in Oz"#
Fantasy Roleplaying Beyond the Yellow Brick Road
F. Douglas Wall

When L. Frank Baum created the amazing land of Oz and it's charming/charmed inhabitants he intended to created children's stories. Baum thought the tales of the Brother's Grimm were dark for children and found Lewis Carroll's tales of Wonderland to be to confusing for young people. Baum wanted something simpler and sweeter. The great strength of F. Doulas Wall's RPG, "Adventures in Oz", is that Wall gets Baum's intent. More

VAE News Items

#Announced: "Airship Pirates" the Abney Park RPG

From the creators of Clockwork & Chivalry and Victoriana.
This game is intended to by compatible with Victoriana 2nd Edition and should be hitting the shelves in August of this year.