Uchronia: EnglishTranslation

Ladies & Gentlemen...

We bid you Welcome to the world of Uchronia 1890, a Role-Playing Game in the Steam Punk style!

As a special consideration to you, our kind guest, this game is presented entirely free of cost...

... So wait no longer, enter at time of imagination and Victoriana, and there discover a world of adventures, mysteries and conspiracies, where nothing is quite what it seems and where everything is possible... find the Hero inside yourself.

(soon to be webpages, but meanwhile, please download the PDF translations of these pages:)


Regarding Heroes

On the Rules of the Game

The Four Dimensions of Uchronia


(More to Come)

Uchronia 1890 is the collective creation of Zaidin Amiot, Olivier Legrand and Mathieu Tortuyaux.

The original game, in French can be found here:

French website created by Philippe Legrand.

The others give their special thanks to: Stephan Adamiak, Alain Aubras, Fred Fenagut, Fabien Gauthier, Sylvie Iattoni, Stephan Lafaye, Axelle Thouroulde and anyone, near or far, who helped them make the project a reality.

Uchronia 1890 is dedicated to Herbert George Wells, uchronic traveller and literary visionary.

English adaptation by Jordan Block.

Mr Block was assisted by Marcy Monroe, C. Lee Vermeers, Ian Block and Clint "Ogre" Whiteside.

English website being developed and build by Jennifer Dowling.

Dear Internautes (denizens of the internet), permission is granted to you to download or print out the contents of this site for your strict personal use. As always be considerate and respect this intellectual property: give credit where it is due and please do not re-post any of the Uchronia 1890 materials elsewhere on the 'net.